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It's Our Six Year Anniversary!

Since July marks six years dedicating my career to working exclusively at Sugar Lane Graphics LLC, I thought I would share six fun facts about myself and SLG!

Fact 1: The Basics.

Hi, my name is Jaime A. Zucker and I have been working in the creative field for over two decades. I create, establish, and curate social, corporate, non-profit, and lifestyle brands. I work directly with large and small business owners to develop creative solutions and marketing strategies for business development. In the past, I have worked in-house but for the past six years I have had the opportunity to work remotely as a freelancing consultant for numerous industries, locally and spanning all the way from California to even India.

As an Eastern Pennsylvania native, I telecommute and video conference from my home office where I live with my husband, two daughters and Shih Tzu Leo.

Fact 2: Bragging Rights.

I had the amazing opportunity to consult for Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank’s firm, The Shark Group. I was contracted to design custom pitch decks, presentations and social media graphics for a few of his clients. Yes, #IRL

I also had the opportunity to work for The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to oversee and rollout their new branding. My role as the Brand Manager was to implement the new look and feel of PHS, with the support of consultants and other key employees. This massive undertaking encompassed 30+ brands including Meadowbrook Farm and the PHS Flower Show where I was challenged with retrofitting the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Fact 3: I always knew…

I think by the 4th grade in elementary school that I knew I wanted to be an artist. I always loved creating, music, and entertaining. It wasn’t until high school when I took photography and computer aided design classes that I decided that I wanted to study advertising in college. I then shifted my focus to public relations, business development, marketing, fine art, psychology, and graphic design - the rest was history!

Fact 4: Fun Fact

My last name is pronounced like “zuh-ker” (rhymes with “looker”). In many languages, Zucker is a derivative of the word “sugar”, hence…Sugar Lane Graphics. :)

Spanish: azúcar

German: zucker

Italian: zucchero

Fact 5: I am a huge computer nerd.

I love technology and electronic devices! If there is a new app or program, I need to learn how to use it. If there is a new device or gadget, I need to master it. Yes, I still love holding and reading magazines (it’s ink, text, and images on paper, how can you not love that?!?!), but I am always so fascinated with new challenges. I don’t just love the actual items, I am captivated by the way it’s marketed, advertised, and packaged by the brand but also intrigued by how the end user experiences the overall items.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

- Steve Jobs

I also have numerous social media handles on various channels so that I can learn how to use them, why to use them, and when to use them. My purpose in doing so is to teach my clients what will work best for their brands.

Fact 6: My inspiration.

I get inspired all of the time and often with the simplest of things. Whether I am driving down a highway looking at billboards, seeing live performances (maybe not right now), walking around a city, shopping online, networking with colleagues from different walks of life, meditating on a short outdoor hike or people watching…I am constantly getting inspired. I love fashion, décor, colors, textiles, you name it. I also find inspiration from reading blogs/enewsletters, watching tutorial vlogs, and following different industry’s social media pages. Change, balance, and research have always been a huge influence for my creativity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and celebrate our success! At this time, I want to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to share this message with you and for your ongoing support, now and in the years to come. I truly believe it is because of our relationships, professional, and personal, that I have been able to stay afloat especially in 2020.

If you have a few questions about your brand, need a little brand pick-me-up or just want to check in to say hi, send me a message anytime. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have a sweet day and stay safe!



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