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Part 2: Wait...did QR codes make a comeback?

If you haven’t read my first article about QR codes yet, please click here to read about what QR Codes are, how to scan to them easily with your smart phones, and how to create one.

As we all know, an online presence is extremely important but here is how you can use these unique scan codes to offer a direct message to your audience, customers, and followers with a touch of a button.

You can use QR Codes for marketing, business development, and to stay connected to your followers in person or on screen. QR Codes are used to track campaigns, increase brand awareness, share specialized information about a product, and to aid with a return on your investment.

Check out this screenshot from Good Morning America and how they used a QR code (lower left corner) for their Steals and Deals segment.

Here is a concise list of uses for QR codes:

· App Store Download

· Business Listing

· Charity and Philanthropic Donations

· Coupons

· Email Address

· Events

· Files

· Images

· Manuals

· Menu

· Music

· Nutritional Ingredients

· Online Store

· Payments

· Recipes

· Reviews

· Sales

· SMS/Texting

· Social Media Channels

· Survey

· vCard

· Videos

· Webinars

· Website

Branded QR codes:

Show off your logo, graphic elements, and colors with dynamic QR codes. Codes that are more attractive to the eye have a 20% higher chance to receive more scans especially if there is a specialized call-to-action. Here are a few interactive ideas to grab consumers attention.

If you need help figuring out the best QR code your non-profit, corporate, lifestyle and/or social brand, direct message me here!


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