• Jaime A. Zucker

40 Tips to Successful Virtual Speaking Engagements

Below are top leader's suggestions and words of advice to step up your virtual speaking for monetization.

  1. Be authentic to yourself

  2. Be honest

  3. Be different because “different is better than better”

  4. Try standing to command your space

  5. Think about your backdrop and/or background

  6. Have a personality

  7. Have speaker support for technology and to monitor the comments/chat

  8. Use virtual presentations but try not to have too many colors, sounds, or transitions

  9. Make sure you have good lighting

  10. Make sure you have good audio

  11. Do not lack energy

  12. Be prepared and do not wing it!

  13. Be consistent for different platforms

  14. Offer impact with activities, polls, videos, breakout rooms, props, dress-up, and themes

  15. Create unique experiences

  16. Don’t allow others facial expressions to lead you

  17. Be ready for 1 or 100 people

  18. Have back up plans for an issues that arise

  19. Be confident

  20. Use tools like registration for control and to prescreen

  21. Plan transitions from topic to topic

  22. Always practice your pace and timing

  23. Engage with audience by asking questions

  24. Be present and pay attention

  25. Do not be generic or basic

  26. Show your audience, do not just tell them