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Do You Have a Branding Style Guide? Huh, What’s a Style Guide?

Whenever I start a working with a new client, besides asking if they have a business plan, I ask if the can share their branding guide and a vector based logo with me. Often the answer is, “no” or “what is a brand guide?”.

All brands, no matter how big or small, need a graphic standards guide, so let’s start with the basics!

What is a branding style guide?

A branding style guide is a document that helps your internal and external constituents maintain your brand’s look, feel, tone, and vision.

Who uses branding style guides?

All brands, in every industry – social, corporate, non-profit, lifestyle, personal, etc. – should have a booklet of guidelines that help maintain their standards.

Why should you have a branding style guide?

Graphic standards are a set of guidelines that should be followed to ensure consistency of the brand identity across all mediums and experiences to support marketing initiatives.

What is in a branding style guide?

· Mission and vision

· Legal information

· Logo uses

· Brand hierarchy

· Colors

· Icons/marks

· Typography

· Messaging

· Imagery

· Collateral design

*short list.

Let’s define and maintain your brand’s identity together! Email us to learn how you can keep your brand identity consistent!


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