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Don't overlook your online profile!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


When consulting for different clients in various industries and the topic of online presence comes up and I ask, "What do your social media profiles look like?", I often get a puzzled look from most business owners. Most businesses often overlook the power of a clean, well thought-out, branded profile. Take note that is one of the first glimpses your audience has into your brand.

Consider the below list of visual content as key brand-able elements for your online identity:

  • Logo

  • Watermark

  • Profile Image

  • Cover, Background, or Header Image

  • Highlight Images

  • Background Colors

  • Channel Handles

  • Favicon and Avatars

  • Hashtags and Emojis

  • Feed Posts and Stories

  • Event Listings

  • Video Thumbnails

  • Advertisements

  • Blog Posts

  • Infographics

Keep in mind that your website, printed marketing collateral, logo suite, corporate stationery, apparel, events and social media profiles should all look, feel, sound consistent and follow your graphic standards.

Jaime A. Zucker Creative Director & Graphic Design Expert Sugar Lane Graphics LLC

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Jaime A. Zucker and I am the Owner + Creative Director at Sugar Lane Graphics LLC. If you have any questions about brand marketing, please contact me at I look forward to working with you!

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