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Logos vs Branding Suites

Why you need to think about the big picture of your brand and not the short term.

Week after week I offer complimentary estimates for custom logos. When I submit my estimates to my perspective clients, I offer a detailed quotation which includes fees for various layout and compilation options. Every estimate defines that the logo packages will come with suggestions of typefaces, colors, icons, orientation styles, and marks. I even list how many samples they will receive via electronic pdf and how many rounds of edits are being offered per the approved scope of work. Most of the time, a perspective client reviews my estimate states, "I just want a logo and not all of that other stuff!".

I explain to all customers that logos are just one piece of a brand's visual identity and they need to be looked at how, why, when, and where they will be used. Here are a few things to consider when designing a new logo or updating a brand current visual identity.

  • Layout (Business Name, Mark/Icon, Tagline, Graphic Elements, Typeface)

  • Various Orientation (Stacked, In-line, Horizontal, Vertical)

  • Native file formats including files for print and digital use

  • Colors (breakdowns for different mediums)

  • Usage Guide (graphic standards)

Are you ready to get started building your brand together or considering a brand refresh? Email us for a customized estimate, book a session to discuss your needs or download my checklist here.


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