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Hi, I'm Jaime A. Zucker of Sugar Lane Graphics

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hi, my name is Jaime A. Zucker and I am a Creative Director & Graphic Design Expert

For more than 18 years I have used my expertise in design to successfully blend communications, marketing, and business development together to create amazing brand and identity recognition for social, corporate, non-profit, and lifestyle brands. My creative vision and awareness of user experience (ux) concepts has allowed my clients and colleagues to trust me to freely use my unique strategies of multimedia design to help build their identity and/or refresh their current mark.

I am a lifestyle blogger and enjoy spending time with my family, searching for amazing experiences to photograph, write about and share with my followers. I enjoy unique travel locations, art, architecture, design, music, fashion and beauty, culture, trendy dining, testing new apps/websites, health, fitness and wellness.

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