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Tips and Etiquette: Invitations

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


Wedding invitations not only provide the important details of the special day, they also give guests their first glimpse of the style, tone, and formality of the wedding that is planned. Following are some tips and etiquette guidelines relating to wedding invitations. Names and Spelling

  • A wedding invitation is issued by the host(s). The hosts' names should be written out and include middle names and titles.

  • With the exception of Mr. and Mrs., all titles should be written out, unless the name is too long to fit on one line. Examples: Doctor and Mrs. Albert George Ness; Sergeant and Mrs. James Lee Fevre.

  • When the wedding is being held in a place of worship, "the honour of your presence" phrase is used. When held at other locations, "the pleasure of your company" is traditionally used.

  • If the bride’s last name is the same as her parents, only her first and middle name are included.

  • The groom’s name should be written out and preceded by his appropriate title. Examples: Mr. Alexander Graham Smith; Doctor Garrett Phillip Hanna

Time and Date

  • Write out the date and year. It is not necessary to use "and" in the year line.

  • Example: two thousand seventeen; two thousand twenty-three

  • Capitalize the day of the week and the month, but not the year.

  • The phrase "half after" should be used when indicating time, rather than "half past" or "-thirty."

  • It is not necessary to use the phrases "in the afternoon" and "in the evening."

  • The city and state should be written out. If all guests are local, the state may be omitted

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