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Smart Tips for Working…or Learning on a Computer Everyday

I can’t remember a time that I didn’t work on a computer or used a computer aided device. Since I started my schooling and career in the late 1990s, digital technology, smart devices, and electronics have been a key factor in my occupational success.

Whether working in-house for numerous industries or telecommuting from my home office for my own business, making a conscience effort to maintain good habits has been, and remains a focus for my computer operating practice.

Here is a list of my easy go-to computer user suggestions that I try to follow each day to ensure that my back, hips, eyes, and now children, are staying safe.

Don’t forget to:

  1. Blink your eyes often

  2. Change your environment or room

  3. Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and use a pull-out keyboard tray

  4. Stand at your desk a few times throughout the day

  5. Wear blue light glasses

  6. Get up and stretch often

  7. Stay hydrated

Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. If you need a little bit of help following the above tips, program your smart devices to remind you! Set timers, reminders, and develop schedules to help be successful.

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