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Research, Plan, and Adapt: What is your normal?

Have you started to think about how to further enhance the experiences in your offices, schools, stores, restaurants, and home? Hopefully by now you have had discussions with your team about how to adapt to the challenges we are facing in 2020. Below are a few suggestions and lists of items that you should consider updating and possibly changing as we move ahead with more openings, and possible closings, in the days ahead.

Your safety precautions, small and large, may take a bit of research and consideration to complete. However, thinking about your possible needs now, rather than later, is a great way to plan for the unexpected now and after this pandemic.

Print and Digital Messaging Strategies (limited list):

· Communication Plans

· Social Media Outreach

· Electronic Newsletters

· Timely Website Updates

· Website Refresh for Easy User Experience

· Responsive Website Platforms

· Enhanced Online Ordering and Support

· Updated Online Store Features

· Easy to Use Smart Device Apps

· Google and Facebook Ads · Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Direct Mailers

Indoor and Outdoor Signage (limited list):

· Tents

· Retractable Banners

· Flags

· Tablecloths

· Floor, Window, Wall Decals and Stickers

· Stickers

· Wristbands

· Posters

· Lawn Signs

Personal Protective Equipment (limited list):

· Face Shields

· Face Masks

· Mask Extenders

· Bandannas

· Hand Sanitizer

· Sani-keys

· Desk Shields

· Countertop Shields

· Tabletop Shields

· Sneeze Shields

· Antibacterial Wipes

Digital and Technology Safety Equipment (limited list):

· Camera Blockers

· Privacy Protectors

· Data Blockers

· Audio Blockers

· Technology Kits

· Blue Light Glasses

If you are in need of support with any of the above initiatives, contact us to start the conversation! Knowledge is power!

Note: All items listed above can be branded with your logo, website, phone number, etc. and/or can be customized and developed per your scope of needs. Please let us know if you would like a complimentary estimate with a projected turn-around.


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