• Jaime A. Zucker

Let's discuss your brand strategy 1:1

Go ahead...ask me! Are you looking to start your own business?

Are you considering a brand refresh?

Have a small marketing budget and a ton of questions?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, let's connect to discuss your creative needs.

Your session will focus on:

  • Corporate or Personal Branding Design Guidance

  • Logo, Font, Color and Asset Coaching

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media Concepts & Content

  • Career Goals

  • Resume Refresh

Each session will:

  • be completed via phone or video conference

  • focus on your agenda

  • be scheduled on weekdays between the hours of 8:30am - 3:30pm (EST)

*Please note: All design implementations and rollouts are an additional fee and per approved scope of work.

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Let's work together!

If you have any questions about social media or want to know what it takes to start a brand with a new logo and website, let's talk!

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SLG is a full-service creative agency specializing in brand, graphic, and user experience design strategies. We have over 20 years of professional hands-on experience creating, establishing and curating social, corporate, non-profit, pharma, personal, start-up, and lifestyle brands.

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